Tuesday, July 20, 2010

questions, questions

Today was my appointment with the nurse for the "class" and to do the medical history. They do new forms for each pregnancy, so I repeated my medical history for the third time in the last 18 months, with the only additions being this is now my third pregnancy, along with the hetero FVL.

The questions I have this time are so different from the first time around. I don't ask about servings of fish or what activities should be restricted. I don't ask about the litter box or if the occasional twinges and pangs in my lower abdomen are normal.

I ask if they're testing for RH antibodies since I'm RH negative with two miscarriages and two Rhogam shots. I ask about drug interactions with Lovenox. I ask where to dispose of my sharps container. I ask if any there are any changes to the medications list in the last six months. I ask about the frequency of monitoring (for my peace of mind) AFTER the first trimester, since my problems seem to come AFTER week 12. I ask for reassurance that we're doing everything possible to bring home a healthy baby.

All I can do is trust, pray, hope and wait.

3 kind words:

  1. Praying and trusting with you!

  2. Praying and trusting with you as well! It is amazing sometimes when we look back at the now seemingly silly things we used to worry about (like the litter box).

  3. I've always said when we know more, we do more...sadly, due to experience, now you know more of the dangers, but this also allows you to do more to anticipate them and prevent them (or try to)....glad you are able to be vigilant so that that sweet little baby comes home healthy and happy!!!!