Monday, July 12, 2010


I am absolutely overwhelmed. Most of it is the good kind, but there has just been a lot of baby stuff in the last week.

On Friday, we marked one year since my baby niece Sophia died. That one still hurts a lot. I hurt for my sister-in-law, Sophia's mother, because I understand a mother's grieving heart. The only time I held that sweet little baby was about a half hour after she died, and that's what I thought about on Friday. That's something I didn't get to do with my babies. It was the first time I had felt the weight of a baby in my arms since my first miscarriage. I have a picture of me holding her, but it's one of the few things I can't look at. I think I've opened it twice in the last year. I so treasure those moments holding her, but thinking about it brings me to tears every time.

Those feelings of sadness are confused with the feelings of anticipation to learn that Sophia will have a baby brother! That same Friday, my SIL learned the sex of the baby who is due in November.

On Thursday night, some very dear friends welcomed a baby girl into the world. She has been prayed for, hoped for and loved by many since before we new she was coming. It's been a long journey for them. When I read the news, my heart just swelled and my face couldn't contain my smile. So, so happy for them. News of her safe arrival made a great day (we saw OUR baby's heartbeat!) even better.

Other babies born in the last week: two friends had baby girls, and Paul's cousin had a baby boy. Paul's mom spent all of yesterday texting labor progression updates. (Side note - we will NOT be texting such detailed updates to his mom now that we know she forwards them to extended family.)

That's a lot of baby news for one week....four new babies, learning we have a nephew on the way, and remembering a sweet little girl. This doesn't even include news from blogland mamas. Throw in my own joy of seeing my little one's heartbeat and a boatload of pregnancy hormones, and I'm overwhelmed. But happy. SO, so happy.

But I'm kinda hoping for a less eventful week this week.

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  1. It is all overwhelming, isn't it???? You are thrilled, but you feel like sometimes the whirlwindedness (so not a word!) of it all is just taking too much breath away!

    So glad for all the good baby news and the new sweet nephew!!