Thursday, July 8, 2010

first peek at baby!

We had a GREAT ultrasound this morning! My favorite tech was scanning me, and she took me right to the heartbeat. :) She said she had read my history, and then asked what we were doing to make sure we could bring home this baby.

Baby is measuring 6w2d, and I'm 6w4d from my last period. We're thinking baby implanted a couple days late, so this is right on track. The heart rate is excellent at 133! So far we're sticking with a due date of February 27. I have a fibroid that is still hanging out on the outside of my uterus near the top. Last fall it was 1cm, and now it is 1.5. She said I'll get some extra ultrasounds out of the deal, but it shouldn't cause any problems.

I go in for my first OB appointment in two weeks. The nurse said four, but the options were two and six weeks out, so the nurse insisted on the sooner one. LOVE her. The nurse was panicking because she thought I was scheduled for tomorrow and didn't know why I was there today. It was fun to see her as relieved and excited as I am!

I'm going to ride this adrenaline high all day!

6 kind words:

  1. Yay for a great u/s!!!

  2. Whoo Hoo! Glad that you are on an adrenaline high.

  3. Hooray, hooray, hooray!!!! I LOVE for the ultrasounds!!!!

  4. So glad to hear about the good US! Seeing that HB is amazing. :)