Sunday, April 4, 2010

endless is the victory

Today is Easter.

I feel like I should have more to say about that, but I don't. I didn't have any strong feelings about anything throughout the day; rather, I felt disconnected from most of what was going on.

Church was nice, and the music was fabulous. We went to the full service intentionally so that we could enjoy being surrounded by so many people singing the beautiful Easter hymns. And there is no better day for a brass group to join with the organ in fanfare. There were lots of kids in church today, including several babies. I honestly didn't think about my babies when I saw them. I guess it made getting through that hour or so a little easier.

Even still, the meaning of Easter has never rung more true for me because I have never been touched so closely by its promise. Jesus died so that we may live. My babies are included in that we. I find so much peace in that. So much.

5 kind words:

  1. Amen. The meaning of Easter has deepened for me so much since losing Hannah.

  2. I hear you friend! I was pretty surprised at myself also--maybe because I was really trying hard to focus on the promise of I was pretty impressed with myself for not being as emotional as I guess I thought I would be.
    (Until that song!)

    One day, day! xoxo

  3. I didn't have much more to say either. I just kinda breezed thru it and that was that. It wasn't intentional I just didn't feel real emotional about easter itself this year even though I know it means so much.

  4. I felt the very same way this Easter. But you couldn't have said it any better.

  5. I was so looking forward to Easter service this year, but for some reason they decided to schedule baby dedications right after the service. I was so angst during the whole service and made an escape out the back door. I wasn't trusting how my heart would react. I am glad, though, that as a family we focused on the Resurrection and what that means for our family and Rebekah the weeks leading up to Easter. I didn't feel so bad about leaving the service so early.

    I have been thinking of you, Karin, but I haven't been visiting everyone like I should (been a little under the weather). You have been in my thoughts, though...