Thursday, March 4, 2010

welcome to my little corner of the web

Hi friends. If you are here, you are a friend.

I really didn't think I would ever start a blog, but here I am. After my second miscarriage in December 2009, I found myself online a lot, often seeking strength from other women who have had similar experiences. I followed their blogs first as a creeper, but found myself increasingly want to interact with them. First, it was following. Then, leaving comments. And now, apparently, it's sharing my story on my own blog. (And I see fun stuff going around from blog to blog, and I want to play!)

This blog is about me and my life. My babies have changed me forever, and right now, I am grieving and healing. I anticipate I will spend a significant amount of time sharing about where I am in my process. But I strive for balance in my life, knowing there is to me than just the sad things. I will strive for balance here, too.

I feel like I've written my thesis statement for my blog...maybe as a writer, I just feel the need to declare my intent for my audience. :)

Thank you, friends, and welcome.

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