Thursday, March 4, 2010

not quite an answer

So the nurse from my doctor's office called me back today. She said all my tests are in (good), and my doctor was waiting until she had them all to contact me (ok). But first, she wants to consult with a perinatologist in Sioux Falls (no peris in ND) about the course of action/treatment plan for me (huh). But the nurse didn't have the results, so she wasn't able to tell me anything more. I asked what the timeline is for getting back to me, and she's going to get back to me on that...

Heeeeeeeere comes anxiety! I am numb. My thought process - test results in + my doctor consulting a perinatologist = they found something that's out of the ordinary = something wrong. I know that I really don't know anything right now. And I will try to wait patiently. Instead of being scared, I'll try to think of it instead as they found something that they can respond to...and that will be good.

After I cried in a colleague's office, I left work early to do a little shopping at Michael's.

Tomorrow is another day...hopefully with another call from my doctor's office.

4 kind words:

  1. Maybe the test results didn't really point ANYthing out to them, and the purpose of consulting the peri was to see if they could see anything with those completely normal and benign results? And, maybe the perinatologist will say, "Hmmm...nothing raises any concern, but to take precaution, we will do X, Y and Z."

    That's what I'm praying for you!

  2. I am hoping what Lori said for you!

  3. I was thinking the same as Heather and Lori. Try not to worry this weekend (easier said than done for me=)...I will remember to pray for you as God brings you to mind, Karin.

    And I would have gone to Michael's, too;)!

  4. Thank you, ladies! That possibility hadn't even crossed my mind. I'll hope for that too! Funny how our minds work. :)