Sunday, March 14, 2010

a slightly different plan, but still a plan

Well, I met with the hemotologist on Friday. His take on my history of miscarriage and new test results is that I should be on Lovenox for my next pregnancy. While the thought of giving myself injections for nine+ months doesn't thrill me, I am still encouraged that each doctor I talk to wants to pursue treatment to help me achieve the best possible outcome. So do it, I will.

We talked about living with a blood clotting disorder and what I need to know. Mostly it's just awareness, except for being on a blood thinner during pregnancy, unless I ever develop a blood clot.

The new information and new plan is a good reminder that nothing is certain. Plans will change, and that's okay. It's just the means to achieve the end. Accepting that I can't control or plan for everything has been a lesson learned (and one I'm still learning) throughout all that has happened.

But I still like having a plan, even though it is subject to change...

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  1. I'm so glad that drs what to go forward with you and help you!