Saturday, September 25, 2010

baby mine

So I was on a thread entitled "Things emotional pregnant women should avoid" and saw "Baby Mine" from Dumbo and sung by Allison Krauss mentioned. I love Allison Krauss, so I decided to check it out on YouTube. It's beautiful. And now I'm sobbing.

Check it out...but be forewarned.

4 kind words:

  1. That song and movie makes me cry, too.

  2. It is so sad! I love when Allison Krauss sings it. Love her!

  3. I that song (by her) in my playlist on my blog. I love it. It did make me cry though... I can't wait to sing it to my own children - hopefully one day soon...

  4. Nope...couldn't do it. Know that song too well and know what it would do...of course, I have had it in my head for a bit now, after seeing those words.

    Lots of love to you and that sweet little one of yours!