Tuesday, September 7, 2010

15 weeks and a tap tap from baby!

I'm 15 weeks and can't believe how fast the time is going! The days are ticking by, and I do my best to just live in that day and not worry. It works....for the most part. :)

This morning I think I felt baby move for the first time! I was lying in bed petting a kitty and felt a couple light taps in my lower belly. It definitely wasn't my pulse, and it sure didn't feel like gas. After a few more minutes of being still and quiet, I felt it again. So I'm saying it was baby.

These are the moments I've been waiting for. Brand new pregnancy milestones that are new to me. I didn't feel any movement with my first two babies. I can't wait until baby is bigger and stronger, and I can feel him or her move regularly.

On Thursday I go back to the doctor. I'm looking forward to hearing a heartbeat (will also be a first when it happens!) or maybe seeing baby. If we do get to see baby, I hope my OB will measure the size because she didn't last time. I just want every reassurance that baby is growing and growing.

Another good thing for today - it was sweater weather! After a very hot summer (for North Dakota), I am ready for some crisp fall days.

God is so good. God is carrying me through this all. My worries consume me less only because I give them over and my load is lightened. Every evening, I thank God for giving me this baby to love and to carry, and for another day with baby. I love every day I have with baby, and I hope the count of days on this earth goes on and on.

6 kind words:

  1. Yes, Karin, God is so good! I pray that all continues to go well with your pregnancy. God will carry you through if you let Him!

    Love and Hugs,

  2. Movement is so exciting!!! I hope it just keeps getting stronger for you!!!

  3. I am so trilled for you! Yeah yeah yeah for feeling babies move. I am just beginning to feel this wee one to and I am 20 weeks...I have an anterior placenta and that puts a big damper on feeling things.

    FYI ~ I can't wait to do his/her painting!

  4. Yeah for another milestone! Keep leaning on Him...

  5. Wonderful!!! How exciting! I can't wait to hear about the doctor's appointment. :)

  6. The movement is just amazing, isn't it? It's when I feel that that I know that no matter how annoying John is trying to micromanage the pregnancy :) I get to feel this little boy and that's the most miraculous thing ever and I let him micromanage away so he can be involved--he just doesn't get this thrill and I feel sort of sorry for him!!!

    Hooray for good days and grateful you are having them!!

    BTW--the security word is puckinga. No significance, just thought it was funny!