Monday, September 13, 2010

random things about karin

I'm home sick with a stomach bug or something today, so I thought I'd do a fun post. I have to credit Stephanie's post from last week for the inspiration.

Random facts about me

  • I have red hair. No one in my family has red hair.
  • Because of said red hair and the fairest of fair skin, I avoid the sun obsessively. However, I was a lifeguard at an outdoor pool in high school.
  • I've been playing piano since I was three.
  • I believe that lefse belongs on every holiday dinner table.
  • The only thing I have won in a contest or drawing is a case of Coke for a grocery store coloring contest when I was 10.
  • Oatmeal, rommegrot, and other mushy, watery foods make me gag.
  • As a camp cook, I had to make giant pots of oatmeal every Wednesday morning for breakfast. 
  • I grew up 15 miles from the Canadian border and spent many winter weekends in Canada for my brothers' hockey games. Canadian coins were as common at my house as U.S. coinage.
  • I golfed in a high school state tournament and took sixth place as a team.
  • M*A*S*H is one of my favorite TV shows, and I can identify most episodes within the first 30 seconds. My dad conditioned me not to talk during the show except for commercials. Now I get frustrated with Paul if he tries to talk during M*A*S*H.
  • I was a delegate at the 2008 ND state democratic convention where both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama spoke. I stood onstage behind Obama for his speech and took a photo with Clinton after hers.
  • I don't worry about my kids being smart. I worry about their sense of rhythm. 
  • My college mascot is a cob of corn named Kernel. He routinely makes lists of bizarre mascots.
  • I like to dress my cats up in cute costumes. They have matching sailor scarves.
  • In high school, I gave a humorous speech on how mechanically declined I am. 
  • I learned how to knit in January, and now I am surrounded by piles of washcloths and scarves.
  • I love grammar. 
  • The Little Mermaid is my favorite movie. She is a princess with red hair.
  • I really like artificial grape flavoring. Jello, hard candy, Dimetapp.
  • Because of camp cook experience, I can easily make tator tot hotdish for 300. I really don't like hotdish.

4 kind words:

  1. Thanks for sharing this!!! I'm a piano player too, by the way. And I wish I could knit!

  2. It was fun to learn more about you! Thanks!! :)

    Hey I just made some Jello the other day. It was Berry Blue!

  3. Mmmm...I think I'm going to go have some cherry (my fave!) Jello! I can also identify M*A*S*H episodes!!!!!!


  4. About the cloth wipes....

    I did order them online. I ordered them from a mama on Diaperswappers. Here is the thread about the wipes and other things she makes. She can pretty much make whatever you want!