Friday, September 24, 2010

so in love

My heart is so full. I don't know how it's possible, but I love this little one more and more each day.

We saw baby again today at our ultrasound. I thought we were doing just a quick check again, but she ended up doing the full anatomy scan. Baby is measuring right on track! The head and stomach are measuring about 18w4 (I'm 17w5d), but the femur is about a week behind the head. I'm short, so that just made me laugh. Overall, everything looks GREAT. We saw two arms, two legs, two kidneys, one bladder, a four-chambered heart that's beating 150 bpm, a three-vesseled cord, an adorable spine, a perfect amount of fluid, the list goes on. We do NOT know the sex, however. The tech promised she wouldn't put it in the report, and I don't think she spent much time looking.

We had my favorite tech again today, and she tells us what she's seeing and will tell us if that measurement is normal to the extent she can. She knows our story and is sympathetic to me wanting to know as much as possible. She also just let us watch baby for a bit. Baby was tumbling all over the place! 

We were having a hard time getting a great face profile shot, but we do have a great frontal shot of baby's head, albeit bit skeletor looking, that is made cuter because we see a nice round belly and a sweet little hand waving. *I promise to put pictures up someday. First I need to get a new camera, and that is quickly becoming a priority.*

A fun surprise for the day - after she was done with the scan, she asked if they could use a new machine that a rep was showing today. Of course - it was extra time to watch baby! It was a lot of fun. The rep and two more techs joined (I always seem to have a party in my exam rooms) and looked all over. We even got to see baby in 4D! Of course, baby had already put on the show and decided to nap for this portion of the scan, so we didn't get a bunch of good pictures, but that's okay. I hope the hospital decides to purchase the new machine so we can get some good 4D pictures when baby is a little chubbier. :)

As soon as I saw baby wiggling around on the screen, I felt the biggest relief. It has been a rough week. I'd been worrying about today's scan, and Wednesday was the date when I miscarried the first baby. I've been keeping it together just enough to get through the work day, but it was definitely a marginal week as far as work completed. I'm sure that the worrying and stress is a part of what is making me so tired. This weekend is for relaxing, growing baby, and maybe playing a bit of piano for baby. I pray constantly, and only that gives me peace. 

I bought the cutest pair of faux baby Birkenstocks, and they came in the mail yesterday. Today I saw the perfect little foot that will wear them.

3 kind words:

  1. I'm just so glad things are going so well!!!!

  2. I'm glad you got the full scan and even got to see your baby with the new machine! This little one no doubt has had your heart from the very beginning.