Friday, August 27, 2010

heeeeeerrrrrrrrrrre comes anxiety

Are my breasts still sore?
Do they feel a bit smaller?
Is that a stretching pain or cramping?
Is the ache going away with Tylenol?
Do I still feel pregnant?
Will I get to bring home a living baby?

I'm two days away from 14 weeks, the point at which we learned our second baby no longer had a heartbeat. In actuality, we're already ahead of that pregnancy, since our second baby stopped growing at 12w3d, and we definitely saw a heartbeat with this baby at 13w1d.

I knew this was coming, but it still takes my breath away. Sometimes I can stop the thoughts before heading too far down that path, and other times, the fear just wants to take over. It becomes not about one day at a time, but rather one hour or even one minute.

6 kind words:

  1. I wish there was a button we could push to turn the anxiety off. It gets better after each milestone, as a whole, there are still days/moments. Praying for you!!

  2. Many, many hugs. It isn't easy, and while I'm sure passing the big milestones will help, those questions are always there. Sending love and hugs and prayers!

  3. Keeping you and your little one in my prayers every day. One breath at a time and then be amazed at how quickly they've added!!

    Hooray for 14 weeks!

  4. Praying for His peace to surround and carry you through this anxious time...

  5. Karin,
    I have been thinking of you...pray for you as I am driving and the Lord brings you to mind.
    Just continue to lean on Him. He will get you through... one breath at a time!
    Love and lots of hugs! Karen

  6. Just found your blog. I am so sorry for the loss of your second baby. I pray this blessing will be born healthy and safe. Hope you have been having a great pregnancy so far. I hope to get caught up reading soon.

    I know how much you can worry. I'll be thinking of you and praying. Blessings,