Sunday, August 22, 2010

wedding good things and 13 weeks

Whew! The long wedding weekend was great - but exhausting. Conversations with family were relatively easy, and everyone was just so happy about all of the exciting things happening right now. The list of good things from this weekend is long:
  • seeing my brother- and new sister-in-law so happy!
  • lots of Shirley Temples with extra cherries
  • getting to know cousins better
  • an incredible pizza buffet for the rehearsal dinner
  • hearing people laugh at Paul's speech at the reception
  • a beautiful hotel room with a walk out patio to the lake
  • celebrating the 80th birthday of a great uncle and meeting more relatives
  • dressing an adorable nephew in his pint-sized tux
  • talking baby stuff with M, one of my pregnant sisters-in-law
  • a super comfortable dress on a very hot wedding day and being told I was just adorable
  • lots of congratulations on baby
  • dancing with my husband
  • listening to my brother-in-law sing the Ghostbusters theme at karaoke
  • quality time with M, my sister-in-law, while our husbands were busy being brothers of the groom
  • a two-hour nap this afternoon after we got home
Today I'm 13 weeks! The days of progesterone suppositories are numbered. :) We have an OB appointment tomorrow, and I will be very happy if we just get to hear the heart beat, but Paul really wants another peek at baby. I'm just one week away from the point at which we learned our second baby had no heartbeat. I can't wait to start checking off those markers as we pass them. I am feeling so good - both physically and emotionally - and I just know I'm going to be holding this little one in about six months.

3 kind words:

  1. Was wondering how your weekend went and I figured you'd be tired!! SO glad that it was a good weekend and you are feeling good...Hooray for 13 weeks!!!

  2. Hooray for 13!! So glad you had a wonderful weekend! Keep us updated on your appt tomorrow!

  3. THe wedding sounds so fun! I hope you get an US!