Tuesday, June 29, 2010

nurses are the best (and yay for progesterone!)

Today's progesterone level is 19.8! I think this is the highest I've been (when we've been tracking, anyway). Those darn suppositories are working. My nurse said they don't supplement anything over 20, so given that I'm at about the right place, and obviously it's working, we're not going to change anything. So, another seven weeks to go.

And how wonderful are nurses?! Seriously, I love mine. The one I've been talking with is one of the prenatal care coordinators, and I just call and leave my questions/request for blood work results on the OB nurse voicemail. She knows my history, and tends to both my physical and emotional concerns. She is encouraging and hopeful, and I trust her completely. I need to thank my nurses more often.

In an optimistic move, I ordered some maternity pants from Old Navy. They were already on sale, and then the fact that the whole purchase was an additional 30 percent off sealed the deal. How could I not?! I'm just trying to be practical...

3 kind words:

  1. Hooray!!! You'll need those in NO time! The vagi-pops aren't fun, but YEAH buddy, are they worth it!!! So glad for good numbers!!!

  2. Glad you have such wonderful care and that your prog is doing so well! Yipee!