Thursday, June 24, 2010

"good looking pregnancy"

HCG = 301. It more than doubled! (Monday = 128)

The nurse told me we have a good looking pregnancy going here! I was starting to get nervous last night because I know that yesterday's draw was an important one. But now I feel great!

The plan...check progesterone next Tuesday, after I've been on the suppositories for a week. Then, we have an ultrasound scheduled for the following week. I'll be 6w4d by my last period, but in case I ovulated late, she wants to be sure we'll see a heartbeat.

I absolutely love my doctor and the nurses. The nurse I've been talking with knows my history and totally gets that there is a certain level of anxiety that goes with pregnancy after a loss. She doesn't downplay it at all. She said she started a file for this pregnancy, and she intends to complete it. :) When we were talking about the aspirin regimen, she said if I'm not taking it constantly, I can start again during the preconception time. And this is what I love - she said planning for number two running around, but number four in my heart. She also said they're going to fold me under their wings and take care of me. LOVE IT.

We talked about how with the last pregnancy, we did all we could with the knowledge we had, and with this one, we know more and are being even more agressive. Knowing that gives me confidence. (So please remind me of that on those days I'm feeling less confident.) And she kept calling me a mom. There's little better for my heart right now than hearing that. And she called me a good mom for all that I'm doing for this little one.

I forgot how hard it is to concentrate at work while I'm pregnant...too much on my  mind!

3 kind words:

  1. Glad to hear that the numbers are good! yay!

  2. Hooray for good betas!!! And, I love, love, LOVE how you are being taken care of. There's something so, so encouraging about knowing those taking care of you really CARE!!! Hooray, hooray, HOORAY!!!!

  3. I am so glad to hear how your doctor is taking such good care of you! You are a mommy...a very good mommy, at that!=)