Tuesday, June 22, 2010


It's been a long time since I've written, but other than in the last few days, not much has been going on. That's changed now...

I'm pregnant! I'm about 4w2d, which puts me bringing home a baby somewhere around February 27!

I really, really didn't think this would be the month. But then on Thursday (conveniently the same day Paul went out of town), my breasts started to feel heavy. That was an early symptom with my last two pregnancies also. Then Friday, when I stood up from my desk, I swear I felt round ligament pain. I've never had a twinge there other than when I was pregnant. So I decided to pick up some tests at the drugstore, and I was going to wait until my missed period on Sunday. But I couldn't wait. There was faint line, but it was definitely there! I wanted to tell Paul in person when he got home Saturday night, so I managed to not tell anyone for a WHOLE DAY (including my mother-in-law and sister-in-law at my other sister-in-law's bridal shower), even after a second test Saturday morning. Slightly darker pink line! A third test on Sunday was definitely darker. Paul didn't think it was necessary and thought HE should pee on the stick, but I wanted to see that line again. I told my best friend on Sunday, who is due February 21. It'll be a fun (long) nine months together. :)

I so excited, but feeling so cautious. Realistic but hopeful. Paul is more nervous than I am right now. We'll see how long my anxiety stays at bay...

Yesterday I called my doctor's office and went in for a draw to check hcg and progesterone. She called this morning with the results, and they're both low. Okay but low. Hcg is 128.4 at 4w1d, and progesterone is 10.59. So today I get to start the progesterone suppositories. Blech. It's higher than last time though - my first progesterone then was 4.8. I'll manage to find the positive in just about anything! This time she's starting me at 100mg twice/day right away. Last time, when she upped me to that dosage, the levels responded quickly. Let's hope the same happens this time.

Since we learned that I have Factor V Leiden, I've also started the Lovenox journey. Both the hematologist and the perinatologist recommended it, so that's what my OB prescribed after talking to them again. I'm on 40mg once/day. I picked up my stuff yesterday, and did the first injection last night. ALL BY MYSELF! On the FIRST try! I'm REALLY not a fan of needles, so this was a big deal. It wasn't too bad. It definitely stung for a few minutes afterwards, but I was very proud of myself. Then Paul took me to get ice cream. It was just a first injection celebration; as much as I would like to, I don't think it's in my best interest to reward myself with ice cream every day. The black and blue mark keeps getting bigger and darker. Oh well. I was never much for bikinis anyway. ;)

Please pray for us and that baby grows as (s)he should. I go back tomorrow to check hcg and will get the results on Thursday. Think happy doubling thoughts!

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  1. Oh, Karin! I'm so happy for you!!! Yay!!!
    You will get used to the injections, trust me! I was the worst person ever when it came to needles, and now I don't even flinch. Are these subcutaneous or intramuscular? I always rub the area after my injections, and that seems to help prevent bruising.
    I can't wait to follow you on this new journey! I can already say from my little bit of experience it will be full of ups and downs. But God will be right with you and Paul the whole time.

    I'm just so thrilled!

  2. SO SO SO SO happy for you! Congrats!!!!! Ill say some prayers!
    As for the Lovenox, as the time goes... they get even easier and dont sting as bad. I find that if you let the alcohol dry first, it stings less.

  3. Oh, Karin! This is the best news I have heard all day! All week, in fact! I will be praying for you! So happy for you!!!!!
    Love, Karen

  4. Congratulations. Praying for you and the baby now!

  5. SOOOOOO SOOOOOO happy for you!!!! Praying and praying more and just so happy for you!!! Praying for good beta numbers and progesterone numbers too!

    Oh, I'm just thrilled for you!!! Can't wait to start seeing pictures!!!! xoxoxo

  6. Hooray! Oh my goodness! I am THRILLED for you and will be praying like crazy!

  7. Karin!!! I'm so happy for you!!! You are in my prayers for a healthy pregnancy!!!

  8. Yay!!!!!!!! God is so good!!!!! I'm on the Lovenox, too! You get used to it and yes have black and blues up and down both sides! (I'm lucky, though---hubby does them for me :)) I'm starting the progesterone suppositories in 3 weeks so you'll have to fill me in on those! So happy for you and Paul! Sending you lots of love and prayers and congratulations for a healthy 9 months!

  9. I'm very happy to hear this news! Yay!! I will be praying for you and your baby you can bet on that!!