Wednesday, November 17, 2010

dreams, please go away

They were right when they said dreams during pregnancy can be intense. (I can't identify they; I just know I've read about this in more than one place.) Good grief. I can accept losing sleep over being uncomfortable, but these dreams are a little harder to accept.

My dreams aren't necessarily bad and definitely not scary. But they are stressful. SO stressful. Like trying to find my car in the Mall of American parking ramps late at night after someone else parked it and didn't tell me where. Or needing to pack up my boss's hotel room (and the belongings of two others staying with her, unbeknownst to me), deal with the hotel people, and then drive their stuff cross-country from Washington, D.C., by way of several metropolitan areas. Or finding an overweight beagle in my apartment building and not knowing who his owners are but wanting to take care of him for a bit despite his presence stressing out my cats. These dreams were from Monday night. And I fully woke up between each of them.

Last night I enjoyed dream-free, uninterrupted sleep thanks to Ambien, as recommended by my OB for when I need it. I'll take it when it works, but I'd rather not come to rely on it. However, I do need to make it through the day, and baby and I both feel better when adequately rested. I know sleep deprivation will come on another whole level when baby is born, but that's just not comforting at the moment.

The dreams need to settle down or I might be ordering who knows what from middle-of-the night infomercials in my sleep-deprived state.

4 kind words:

  1. Oh I've been dreaming like crazy too! I hope they stop for you!!!

  2. Gosh those are some weird dreams!

  3. The crazy dreams are not fun, are they? In fact, they seem even more vivid and MORE real than the ones that I'd actually like to keep having...which are few and far between, but still...

    I is better for you and baby when rested. Ambien does a good job for me maybe once or twice...then I don't have a hard time relying on it all!


  4. I'm sorry your dreams were so stressful. Glad that you were able to have one night of rest courtesy of ambien. I hope that the dreams have settled down and that you have been able to get more rest.