Wednesday, November 10, 2010

24 weeks and thankful

Sunday marked 24 weeks of baking for this baby! One of the things I was excited to do was to update the checklist below. In true obsessive list-maker fashion, I had to add a couple of lines, mostly to have more things to cross off.

milestone checklist

see heartbeat
finish progesterone
14 weeks - scary date #1
18 weeks - scary date #2
20 weeks  - halfway!
24 weeks - viability
28 weeks - next ultrasound; start biweekly appointments
32 weeks - start weekly appointments
36 weeks - start heparin
37 weeks - full term
39 weeks - baby in my arms

On Monday we had our first OB appointment in four weeks. I realize that four weeks is a normal length of time between visits for most people, but I, like many of you, am not most people. But we made it! Anxiety is certainly calmed by the movement this baby shares with me all day every day, and some of those jabs are starting to take my breath away. I'm incubating a hockey-playing space heater!

Everything is perfect. I don't use perfect often or lightly, but really, this pregnancy has been perfect. I enjoy being pregnant (which is something I never imagined saying), and I'm sure it has much to do with the thankfulness I relish in each day. Every day is another day I thank God that I have been given this baby to love and to carry.

Here are a few updates from my appointment:
  • excellent blood pressure again
  • weight gain of -2 pounds
  • baby is measuring a bit ahead
  • baby still gives Dr. B a hard time finding the heartbeat, but it is very strong and steady
  • plan for 27 weeks - repeat 3-hour glucose (I've resigned myself to the fact that I'm at risk); Rhogam shot; hemoglobin workup
  • plan for 28 weeks - ultrasound and OB appointment
We are almost definitely meeting baby in a planned event, as Dr. B likes to put it. It sounds friendlier than induction. More than anything she wants to plan and control the environment given my anticoagulants, even though I'll take the last does 24-48 before the induction. She - and I - would rather have fewer interventions, which includes medication to reverse heparin effects and/or responding to potential hemorrhaging. And maybe we can schedule for a day Dr. B is on call! The more we talk about it, the more I get used to the idea. And I really do like controlling my environment to the extent I'm able. (Can one become even more type-A with age?) I am doing my best to have very few expectations surrounding labor and birth by educating myself, keeping open-minded, and remembering that nothing is more important than bringing baby here safely. My desires go out the window when I remind myself of that.

I am so very thankful and my heart is full. Most of all, I'm thankful for this little one and all of the babies who are making healthy entrances into the world.

6 kind words:

  1. YAY!!! I love your list! I am a person of lists myself. Continuing in prayer for you

  2. Woohoo...not too much longer!
    Your list cracked me up. I am such a list maker. I get the thrill from crossing items off!
    And look at you...only gaining 2 pounds! Great job!

  3. Yeah - 24 weeks!! So amazing!!! My goodness, it seems yesterday I myself was wanting 24 weeks to hurry up and get here. I'm so glad our pregnancies are going fast, and I'm so happy you're enjoying yours!! Sometimes after loss it's hard to really do that, but it's so important to enjoy these babies while they grow inside us. I can't wait until we're saying "I can't believe they're here"!!!

  4. Congratulations and yay on 24 weeks!

  5. Yay for 24 wks! Glad you have made it to this point! 4 wks is a long time to wait for those of us who have already lost. I was def glad when I was being seen every 2 wks and 1 wk instead.

  6. How did I miss this????? Perhaps it's the 347 posts on my reader that contributed! And now, another week gone by!!!! Hooray, hooray, hooray!

    Yes, people can TOTALLY become more OCD as they age. And that's coming from a very OCD/Type A/Generalized Anxiety person already!!!

    Just wait as you get closer and the 'nesting' really, really sets in!
    Sending you love, friend!