Monday, December 6, 2010

28 weeks...and first trip to labor & delivery

It's been a baby-action packed few days and this is long. I'm exhausted, and providing a good home to a bunch of cold germs doesn't make it any easier!

First, we had our 28 week appointment on Friday! I managed to schedule labs, ultrasound and OB for the same day, so I just took the day off work. I repeated the three-hour glucose and didn't pass this time. Or rather, I was borderline, but she chose not to pass me. My fasting glucose is excellent, but my body is a bit sluggish to process that sugar after an hour. I'm waiting for the nurse to call to set me up with a nutritionist appointment.

And I'm okay with this. I more or less knew this is where we were heading, giving my strong family history and marginal passing results last time. I am much more emotionally equipped than had I needed to start the regimen at 18 weeks. And I will do ANYTHING in my power to ensure a healthy baby arriving safely. I'm down 2.5 pounds from four weeks ago which leaves me with a net loss of 5 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. At this rate, Dr. B. wants me to put on 10 pounds in the next 10-11 weeks. My weight has definitely been redistributing!

Hemoglobin was on the low side of normal but fine, and the RH antibodies test came back negative so I was able to get the Rhogam shot later that afternoon. After three hours sitting in the lab, I had a good length scarf knit!

The ultrasound was great. Baby is BIG, measuring about two weeks ahead. We're going to check growth again in four weeks, but my OB isn't concerned about the size-GD correlation at this point because babies long bones were measuring ahead, too. We saw baby's mouth opening, the most perfect leg profile (all the better to kick with), and legs crossed tightly at the knees. We don't want to know the sex, and baby made sure we couldn't accidentally find out. Baby's heart rate is consistently around 150.

The only downside to the day (other than the GD stuff) was that we had to wait to hours to see Dr. B. It was her on-call day, and I knew that. But we weren't complaining. We've never really had to wait before, and who knows what she was handling that day. I'm sure I've caused her to run behind before!

Yesterday was my SIL's baby shower about an hour drive away. After a quick breakfast with my parents and shopping with my mom - she wanted to buy me a Christmas outfit! - we were on the road. I don't normally feel baby move when I'm in the car, so I didn't think too much about a lack of movement until we were back home. After an hour, only four movements. After three hours, two big glasses of juice, one piece of bunt cake and three trips to the bathroom, only six movements. So I called the nurse line in the birth center, and they suggested I come in for some monitoring.

So off we went. I was crying because I thought that if the nurse said to come in versus telling me to do something at home, maybe there was something wrong. I was 95 percent sure everything was fine, but that last 5 percent nagged at me. Now there is a different kind of fear...knowing that baby has a good outlook if born now (though I fully intend to bake him or her longer), makes me scared that I'll miss a warning sign and the chance to get baby out safely. *sigh* Always something.

I love my hospital and the nurses. Our nurse was SO WONDERFUL and she made me feel like we did the right thing. Absolutely no indication that we overreacted. After a good 20 minutes on the monitors, with baby's steady heart rate averaging around 150 with good accels and decels, we were cleared to go home. And of course baby decided to show off once hooked up because I got all sorts of good kicks and movements. No contractions and LOTS of movement noted on the strip. Just perfect. But there was nothing better than just listening to baby and trying to pick out the movement and when my coughing changed up the heart beat.

So today we both took a sick day. After the late night and bodies coursing with adrenaline, combined with an aching back and ribs from coughing for me, we needed to relax and decompress. Baby enjoyed the day at home too; moving ALL day for mommy.

The updated milestone checklist:

see heartbeat
finish progesterone
14 weeks - scary date #1
18 weeks - scary date #2
20 weeks  - halfway!
24 weeks - viability
28 weeks - next ultrasound; start biweekly appointments
*first trip to labor and delivery - 28w
32 weeks - next ultrasound; start weekly appointments
36 weeks - start heparin
37 weeks - full term
39 weeks - baby in my arms

*added to the list, but not planned.

6 kind words:

  1. I know that GD stuff is no fun. I ended up having to give myself 2 shots a day with my pregnancy with Faith. I am so glad everything is fine and baby is moving well,

    Keeping you in my prayers,

  2. I'm sorry about the GD, but I know you will get through it! The diet is actually very healthy, even for non-GD patients, from what I hear.

    And sorry for the L&D scare, but I'm so glad everything is just fine!

    I get what you mean about a new kind of fear at 28 weeks...well really at 24 weeks. I still worry that I'm going to miss some warning signal...

  3. Sorry about GD! Glad everything is good with baby!!! :)

  4. I'm glad everything turned out ok on your L&D trip. It's def better to go in and everything be fine than the alternative. I went into my dr's office once when I felt Lainey wasn't moving much. Scared me to death but she ended up being fine. Although, I still didn't have total peace of mind. I don't know if you completely get that til they're here!

  5. I so get the crying--that little, "Well, something MUST be wrong or they wouldn't tell me to come in!" that puts the fear in glad baby decided to let them all know at the hospital that s/he was happy and content!

    I'm glad you took a day off to recover and recuperate some. It is exhausting--and I'm with you in thinking that it's super that baby has a great chance of survival if born now...provided *I* don't miss anything that would require being born now to give that survival chance...the fear of missing something because I simply didn't know is just crippling some days.

    Sending you lots and lots of love and good nutritionist news!

  6. Wow i just found your post and realized we are due on the same day. I think. Glad to hear everything was o.k. I am dealing with a littel GD this pregnancy never have before.