Wednesday, October 27, 2010

tempering the worry

The last two days I haven't felt baby move as much as I had been. I've still felt movement, just not too much. I did call my doctor's office though, and the nurse said to rest and occasionally eat or drink something sugary. **Baby just gave me a good kick. ** She said they don't get too concerned about decreased movement until after 28 weeks, but if I find myself worrying, I can go in to listen to that heartbeat.

I'm proud of myself. I haven't been beside myself with worry. Yesterday I did leave work early at the nurse's suggestion, but that's an easy thing I can do. I need to take care of myself and this little one. To be able to weigh my feelings (and my gut says everything is fine) shows progress. Despite the pregnancy hormones, I feel much more rational overall than about eight months ago. :)

That said, I appreciate your prayers that all continues to go well, and that this orange soda gives baby a sugar high.

3 kind words:

  1. Always praying for you! And it is PERFECTLY normal for baby to have some quiet days at your stage - I remember going through this EXACT same thing. Having an anterior placenta doesn't help - at this stage they're still small enough that if they turn the wrong way, it can block a lot of movement. As late as my 26 week ultrasound, there were lots of movements on my ultrasound that I didn't even feel.

    Hang in there! You are getting really close to the point where movement is extremely consistent every single day. (((hugs)))

  2. Agree with Heather that it is normal to have quiet times but it can cause a momma to worry regardless! I noticed less movement and it always worried me but everything always seemed to be ok, which I'm glad for.

  3. It stinks...the worry about too much/too little movement...I told John that I probably didn't need weekly ultrasounds since things are going so well, but since that movement thing is now freaking me out on a regular basis, I'm sticking with them!!!!! I just love looking at your ticker and seeing it move!