Monday, June 27, 2011

four months of Anders in photos

The quickest way to catch up...share a few of the MANY photos we have take of this sweet baby. My goodness, how we love our little boy. I can't believe he is already four-and-a-half months old. I miss the tiny baby snuggles, but the bigger babies snuggles are just as good, if not better. I hear it just keeps getting better. Are you ready for some cuteness??

Daddy read If You Give a Moose a Muffin when Anders was 1.5 hours old.
An early family picture

Red hair!

Anders' first hockey game...still in the hospital.

I cried when I packed away this sweet grey outfit. It was the first I picked out just for my baby.

The upside to early bottle feeding - Daddy gets in on the action!

Milk drunk.

My friend Vicky took these photos of Anders when he was nine days old. Her little girl V was born just two-and-a-half weeks before Anders.

This little outfit has a dinosaur on the shirt. And dinosaur feet! [I'm still new to uploading photos. I'll figure out how to rotate in the future. Until then, sorry.]

First bath - success! Now we love baths. 

I rather like to dress him like a little old man. This particular sweater has elbow patches.

Baptism April 3
Anders at six weeks.

The snow finally melted (in mid-April), so we went for our first walk!

 A typical maternity leave day, though mascara didn't start happening until he was about eight weeks old. There is likely a Diet Coke to my right. 

My happy (future?) Cobber!

April 25, my birthday

One of my favorite photos...eight weeks.

We LOVE cloth diapers!

I think I got the best present in my Easter basket.

First Mother's Day with Anders.

Of course one needs a ducky bathrobe.

Happy Flag Day!

Overwhelmed by developmental milestones...sitting, grabbing, hands to mouth, teething...

Trying out the new hiking backpack!

Strong enough for the Johnny Jump Up!

We went to visit Vicky and her babies and have some three-month photos taken.

My current favorite photo of my boy. Big blue eyes, blue diaper, hint of red hair. :)

2 kind words:

  1. I'm just loving your little guy!

  2. I just googled our son's name and found this adorable Anders Olson. It's kind of interesting because he is our first born and my name is Karen...the world seems small sometimes.